"Takessuy" by Japanese jewellery designer

Takeshi Okada.


Takeshi Okada's Background


After graduating from clothes design in Tokyo, Japan, Takeshi moved to France where he spent 4 years absorbing European culture.

He then began working on accessory design and production in New York.

His work utilizes natural stones and materials from around the world.


Takeshi designs his pieces to make girls glow... so that people will notice something unique about you, suddenly come-up and talk to you, leading to new friends and relationships.

He believes a girl ought to be able to express her beauty at every opportunity: day or night; formal or casual.


"Please tell me what kind of accessory you need right now.

I'm sure I can help you to be happy!"

Always Something Fresh and New


Earrings and necklaces from his collections are designed to bring out pure and simple love as well as the touch of magic that is inside you--everyone will notice!


Thank-you for visiting my website. I hope there is something here to make you happy. Please also visit me at my stall at weekend markets.


I look forward to making you happy!

Takeshi Okada

photographed by toboji

What is "Gold Filled"?


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Dear all customers and people who support me and Takessuy Jewellery, I am writing here to apologise and thank to you all. I am very sorry for any inconvenience that my slow response or action may have caused to you time to time. And I am also truly grateful to you all for loving my creation and supporting Takessuy jewellery.

Takessuy jewellery will grow with new designs to inspire all ladies and girls. Luxury line will come out very soon at the markets. This luxury line will be much more fun and glamorous with intricate details.

You will enjoy its elegance!! Takessuy jewellery and myself will move forward and step up to the next stage with you.


I love you guys.


Takessuy / Takeshi Okada

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